YRF - Eldred King, March 4, 2016

It was Friday March 4, a beautiful day for a hike at Eldred King. It was cool, crisp and the sun was smiling brightly. I expected maybe two or three hikers, but thirteen showed up. Four of us put on snowshoes, the rest icers. We had had 10 inches of snow two days prior so I expected snow on the trails and I thought that maybe we would have to break trail on some of the footpaths. However the snow didn't seem that deep, but it was still arduous going because of the uneven, rough frozen ground underfoot. Still, it was an exhilarating even if somewhat exhausting hike. We did 7 kms, well maybe even 7 1/2 kms and arrived at the parking lot at 11:45 am in good spirits, ready and eager to take in ones own favourite quaff. Remember hikers, be grateful for the moment, for having the health and strength to experience the great outdoors. If the group needs to wait for a few minutes because someone is late or the group spreads out because there are a few slower hikers don't let a bad attitude spoil your hike and others hikes.

John Fuchs