Hall Tract - January 8, 2016

The ability to have a sense of gratitude is a gift. This winter season, some may feel grateful for being able to spend time with loved ones in the warmth and sunshine of the Islands, Mexico , Central America or the southern USA .On October 22 of 2008 we had 4" of snow. Last year at this time the day time temperature was -20°. I'm sure some feel grateful that this hasn't happened to us this winter.


Yesterday our group of 25 hikers felt grateful for surviving the holidays and being able to get out on an invigorating 8 1/2 km hike in the Hall and Eldred King Forest Tracts.


Looking out the window this morning and seeing all the rain, I suspect that we are also belatedly grateful for the sunshine and +1° temperature we had yesterday, which allowed us to don our winter gear and have a good experience for our first hike of 2016.


Many thanks again to Fatema for taking all of these beautiful pictures. I'm also sure she is grateful for finding her cell phone again, which she had earlier, inadvertently dropped in the snow as we were hiking.


Happy New Year everyone!

John Fuchs


Photos by Fatema