Keele Street to Confederation Park, Aurora - 2014-11-3

As 16 of us assembled at Confederation Park we noticed a little snow remained on the roofs of nearby bungalows.
This trek required a car shuttle to the roadside parking where the main ORMT crosses Keele Street. We commenced hiking at 9:53 and reached our destination at 12.32 . . . a distance of 7.2 km.

The weather warmed up slowly and being dry and with virtually no breeze it was great for hiking, kicking the fallen leaves.
We took the track through the south of King Campus rather than the ORMT route, thus avoiding some steep hills. We noted developments continuing to the college, including more stuff on what used to be called Rec Island. Passing the Log Cabin (where legend has it ORTA was founded) and the Gate House (where we once had our Office) we took the Gate House Side Trail (part of the century old Radial Railway's Schomberg branch) to rejoin the Main Trail.

The unopened road allowance from Dufferin St. was somewhat muddy; similarly the trail after we crossed Bathurst St. to enter Case Woodlot. As we wandered through the streets to Confederation Park we cheered on the residents bagging up oceans of fallen leaves.
Monday November 10th.  -  Brian and Wilma lead in the Secord - Goodwood Tracts 
Monday November 17th.  -  meet me at the Green Lane Parking lot for a loop hike to Newmarket.
Now is the time to put the Icers/Grippers into the trunk of your car.  We'll show you alternate models and give our recommendations which to purchase. 


Additional photos are posted on Flickr at courtesy of Bill Patterson