Jokers Hill - Dec 11, 2015


Since when has hiking become an exercise in arithmetic??! As hike leaders we are told that we can lose up to 10% of hikers on any hike. So on Friday at Joker's Hill we had 13 hikers, we lost 3 hikers but found one. 10% of 13 is 1.3 hikers but we lost 3, that's 23%! Now for the numbers ... lets see 13-3=10+1=11. Ah, never mind ........... it was a perfect day for hiking and we all did 9.5 kms.


The attached photo shows our group including what may be the last sighting of the three that were lost. Orval stumbled across our group halfway through the hike. Maybe the Joker from Joker's Hill came out of hiding to play some tricks.                                                                                                                                 


PS. I have it on good authority that the three lost hikers (Malcolm, Vicky, Doris ) made it safely back to their cars. Thanks again to Fatema for taking the pictures.

John Fuchs