‘Experience the Moraine’ Campaign

The Oak Ridges Trail Association (ORTA), a membership based, volunteer charitable organization, is working with various stakeholders like the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust, Conservation Authorities and landowners to ensure public access to the Moraine, while restoring its natural habitat. We need your financial donations to ORTA to achieve this objective.

Your support will allow future generations to enjoy the experience of a hiking trail through natural forests, wetlands and meadows, beside streams and lakes, climbing the ridge of sandy hills which form the Moraine. From the Northumberland County Forest in the east to Mono Township at the base of the Niagara Escarpment on the west, the restored natural habitat will shelter animals and birds whose historic home on the Oak Ridges Moraine has been compromised first by agriculture and increasingly in recent years, by urban development. The Oak Ridges Moraine Trail will provide access to this environmental treasure if we act now to manage and preserve it. 

All donations are tax deductible. Receipts for gifts over $10.  Give generously and thank you for your support. Charitable # 892978164 RR 0001. 

Ways to Make Donations: 

1. Donation, by Cheque form (click here)

Please complete form and mail, with cheque to our office:

Oak Ridges Trail Association
P.O. Box 28544
Aurora, Ontario, L4G 6S6

* On-line Donations with credit card through Pay-Pal 

Please fill in the following information and click the Donate button, proceed to prompts in the PayPal system. YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO USE THIS SYSTEM:

Your Name
Your Complete Address and Postal Code
In Memory or Celebration of:

Any Additional Information to Include ie: person (s) and address to notify, reason for celebration, notes, etc.


2.  Pledge a Racer in the Moraine Adventure Relay

Please click here to pledge a racer in the Moraine Adventure Relay.

3.  On-Going Donations and Pledges

When you make a pledge you are contributing on an on-going basis by authorizing regular deductions from your chequing account. Please click here to pay through

4.  Donation to Celebrate Life's Milestones  

A meaningful alternative to flowers to celebrate life's milestones of special friends and relations:

* Births and Birthdays * Weddings and Anniversaries * Graduation * New Job or Promotion * Retirement * Father's Day or Mother's Day * Religious Holidays * Long Service/Volunteerism

Please click here to donate.

5.  Donation in Memoriam 

In memory of someone's life well lived and well respected.

On receipt of your completed form and your donation payment, we will send a specially printed card for the appropriate occasion to the person(s) you would like notified of the gift. These special persons and donors will also be recognized in the quarterly edition of Trail Talk.

Please click here to donate.

6.  Gift Donation/Others 

Leaving a Legacy for the Future:
Opportunities for Planned Giving to ORTA Funds 

The potential of a secure trail across the beautiful Oak Ridges Moraine which will remain and grow for future generations, can only be fulfilled if you take action now. You can 'leave a trail' for those who come after as a legacy of hope for ages to come. Here are a few ideas to consider: 

A Planned Gift
With a planned gift, the commitment is made in the present, but the gift is realized in the future. Planned gifts include:

  • Bequests in a Will - By making a bequest in your Will to the Oak Ridges Trail Association you can show your commitment to securing a natural legacy for future generations to enjoy.
  • Life Insurance - When you give a gift of life insurance to the ORTA your regular monthly or yearly payment can provide the means to make a meaningful contribution without diminishing the value of your estate.
  • Annuities and Trusts - These gifts allow donors to make a sizeable commitment to the Association while retaining the right to the income or use of the real property for the duration of their life or the term of the trust. Assets placed in the trust may include: cash, stocks, bonds, securities, real estate and other investments.
  • Gifts-In-Kind - Tangible property (for example: real estate, artwork, securities) can be donated to the ORTA and used for raising campaign funds.

Other Ways to Give:

  • Donations of Moraine Properties and Conservation Easements Do you own property on the Moraine near the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail? There are many ways Moraine landowners can contribute to securing the Trail for future generations to enjoy. To discuss Moraine properties or conservation easements, please contact the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust 905-853-3171 or e-mail LandTrust
  • Corporate Donations & Sponsorships Businesses and corporations have been generous supporters of the Oak Ridges Trail Association. We have been the benefactors of helpful gifts-in-kind and essential infusions of donated funds. We look forward to extending mutually beneficial relationships with our corporate partners. 

For more information about all of these opportunities for contributing to ORTA's Experience the Moraine Campaign, please contact the president of the Oak Ridges Trail Association at 905-833-6600 or 1-877-319-0285 or e-mail