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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to go on a hike?
No, everyone is welcome to join our guided hikes. However, we do appreciate the support that membership provides.

Where can I get a map of the trail?
Maps of the Oak Ridges Trail are published in our Guidebook which includes waterproof maps, information about points of interest, and access points. Click here to order your guidebook.

Who maintains the trail?
ORTA volunteers look after the trail. Each Chapter of our organization is assigned a section of trail and appoints the necessary number of trail captains to monitor and maintain their trail section. Community volunteers and interested ORTA members often have an opportunity to help out. Those willing to volunteer should contact our Volunteer Coordinator by email at

Are dogs permitted on the trail?
This is determined by the landowner and/or the hike leader. Please be sensitive to the wishes of the landowner; for example, dogs should not be taken onto farms. Some properties may have specific signage prohibiting dogs. Hike leaders may exclude dogs because of trail conditions, number of people, car shuttles, etc. When dogs are permitted, they should be kept on a leash at all times.

Are bicycles permitted on the trail?
Since ORTA does not own any of the land, permitted uses are those permitted by the landowner. ORTA has built its trail as a walking trail. Some sections of trail may be used by other trail users, such as cyclists, equestrians and even snowmobilers. Please respect any signage.

Is camping available on the trail?
No. At the present time there are no overnight accommodations on the trail and camping is not permitted. Click here for information on accommodation near the trail.

Is hunting permitted on the trail?
Hunting for certain game birds and animals is permitted during designated seasons in many areas on the Oak Ridges Moraine. Hikers should use discretion and take all advisable precautions while hiking during hunting seasons for permitted areas. As examples, seasons exist for pheasant and grouse between September and January, wild turkey from late April to the end of May, and for deer during October to December. Contact the nearest office of the Ministry of Natural Resources for a copy of the hunting regulations (the Oak Ridges Trail Association does not have this information).

What hours are the trails available?
The Oak Ridges Trail is located on various public and private properties. In places where hours are restricted, they are open from sunrise to sunset.

Is it possible/permitted to cross-country ski and snow shoe on the trails in the winter?
Cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing are both permitted. Snow shoes are particularly useful on hikes that do not involve a great deal of road use. Skiing is permitted, however ORTA does not groom trails for skiing and there are some places not suitable for good skiing due to tight turns on steep slopes, or heavy foot traffic.