E2E hike #8: Hillsdale Rd. to 7th Conc. 2015-7-13

E2E hike #8: East bound from Hillsdale Rd. to 7th Conc. (microwave towers).


The weather made this a difficult trek (air temperature of 27 deg. C. and humidity pushing this to feel like 31 deg. C.). The group trailed buckets of sweat along the route and there were indelicate discussions about how sweaty various hikers were handling the conditions.

The rout initially took us south on RR 30. This is not a pleasant part of the trail, with many speeding gravel trucks servicing local quarries, however there was a breeze from the south (into our faces) which served to cool us and blow the dust away although one would be left with grit in the mouth.

Note to self, put a mask in my back pack.

South of Hwy 47, along the Town Line, Cornelius was call upon to confirm several large flowering shrubs in fields to the west are Giant Hogweed, an extremely poisonous shrub that townships attempt to eradicate (obviously they had missed these). This was an excellent opportunity to show many what this plant looks like with the warning to stay well clear of it.

Soon we entered the first section of off road trail with Linda and Mel. noticing the owl that watches over the rail line.

On reaching Conc. 2 we took a break to replenish fluids and then trekked south to the Goodwood Tract.

Before entering the Goodwood Tract many slathered on bug repellent. This was good planning as clouds of mosquitoes were seen to be accompanying us along this section of the trail.

At Conc. 3 more bug repelent was applied as we were about to enter the Secord Forest and Mosquito Alley.

To the east of the Secord Forest is a field where we stopped for lunch. Most of the group flopped into the shade from trees at the edge of the field but the racers (Marco, Suzanne and Cornelius) walked to the top of the hill and found deep shade in a grove of cedar trees. Here there was the added advantage of a stiff breeze blowing steadily from the east.

At lunch John stripped to air his dripping shirt on a tree branch. Vicky suggested others should do the same as John, but no one else had spare clothing or didn’t wish to scare the group by displaying their physic or just decided they just didn’t have enough energy left for that sort of activity.

After lunch we headed north to the Clubine and Norton Tracts.

Julies’ property backs onto the Norton Tract. She invited all to spend some RR time at her home consuming cold fluids and resting before heading east to tackle the Al Shaw and Walker Woods Tracts.

We arrived at our cars at 2:20PM having covered 21.1 Km.

Thanks go to Julie for her hospitably inviting the group to her home and to both Julie and Mike for providing the cold drinks.  Last but not least to Bob Comfort who had obviously been hard at work the previous days clearing dead fall along the trail.

Malcolm Hann

E to E #8