Whit-Stouffville - YRF Eldred King Woodlands (Hwy 48)

Eldred King/Hollidge/Hall/Scout

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Whit-Stouffville - YRF Eldred King Woodlands (Hwy 48)

Region/Township: Whitchurch-Stouffville
ORTA Map Number: ORTA Map 4
Coordinates: 44.0604749881, -79.3080759980
Meeting Place/Parking:

Meet in parking lot west side of Hwy 48, 2.5 km north of Ballantrae.

Terrain: Sandy forest trail
Difficulty: Moderate
General Description:

Situated in the Oak Ridge Moraine, much of the surface consists of low hills interspersed with hollows or kettles.

The hills are composed of sandy and gravelly terrain with underlying clay, which protrudes to form high ridges. There are few surface streams with water moving under the surface, and Hawks, Scarlet Tanagers and many other birds can be seen.

Sugar Maples and Beech trees make up the hardwood forest with white Pines dominant in sandy areas. Red Oaks are also common in some areas while white Birch thrive in younger areas of the forest. The Moraine is situated just north of the Carolinian forest region.